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Kodak Zi8 – The Best Shoot and Share Video Camera For the Money

Posted on 11 Jul 2010 in Other Stuff | 1 comment

I just picked up a Kodak zi8 video camera today. They are pretty sweet. With all of the expensive cameras we have in our studio, it is amazing how well this little tiny camera works.

It shoots in full 1080p HD, as well as 720p and other formats as well. It is super simple to use. Turn it on, push one button to start and again to stop. It records to SD cards, so storage is cheap (Not like the P2 cards we use in the studio!).

It also has a microphone input which a very handy feature if you want to get the best audio possible.

I will be using it to create many of the videos for this blog. Click here to check it out.

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