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How to Send Scheduled Emails with Apple Mail

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 in How-To's | 7 comments

Today I was writing an email that I wanted to make sure was sent out at a specific time. Now, I know that I could have used a service like aweber to send scheduled email, and this works really well for sending mass messages. What if you just want to send one email to someone at a specific time. I found a way to do it with a great little applescript.

First, you need to download the mail scripts download for Apple Mail.

Once you have downloaded the scripts and installed them, go to Applications > Utilities > AppleScript Editor.app

Then, open AppleScript Editor Preferences…

In Preferences, on the “General” tab, check the box that says “Show Script in Menu Bar.” This will add a little icon in your menu bar that looks like this:

Now, if you write a new email message and save it as a draft, you can click on the script icon on your menubar and find the “Mail Scripts” section. Then locate and click “Schedule Delivery…”

Now all you need to do is enter the day and time you want the message to send and it will send out.

I tested it in snow leopard and it seems to work fine. I would recommend you test it before you try to send any critical emails with it.

Do you have any Apple Mail tips you think would be helpful? Enter them in the comments below.


  1. Rab / February 16th, 2011 16:33

    I’ve just tested this out on OS X 10.6.6 with Mail 4.4 (1082) and it’s not working, it just brings up the script app and sits there doing nothing.


  2. Mike / May 5th, 2011 21:46

    I did everything you suggested , but I don’t see that little icon anywhere. Advise please. Thanks for your time


  3. Mark C. / June 8th, 2012 13:40

    Hi, folks. Just a note that the link to the Apple Script is a bit dated and redirects to it’s new “home” where there is a warning that OS X Lion broke it’s functionality. So, for those looking at the comments first before venturing off to get the script, maybe this will save you some time.


  4. CMC / January 18th, 2013 4:45

    Mail scripts that work in snow leopard are over here:



  5. Sarah Alawami / June 12th, 2013 18:10

    The scripts are also broken in mountain lion to. It’s a shame that this function is not built in as I often save drafts taht I want scheduled through out the day. I could use automater but having to do that is very very tedious and not for over 100 messages a day.



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