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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical
substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ― C.G. Jung


The Road Less Traveled “It’s the One Without the Roadblocks”

Posted on 23 Aug 2011 in Other Stuff | 0 comments

I good friend of mine, Adam Spiel, posted a really cool post on his blog, and I wanted to share it. In the post, Adam asks… Have you ever driven on a freshly paved road or a new highway? At first the road is nice and smooth and new. But then as the tires pound […]

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Do You Celebrate You Or Hide in the Shadows

Posted on 14 Dec 2010 in Other Stuff | 0 comments

Each of us has two sides. The “sacred self” or “light side” and the “shadow self” or “dark side.” I think that a lot of the time, it is easy for me to look at my faults, or the things that I would consider weaknesses and I don’t spend enough time celebrating the good things […]

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What I Focus on Matters!

Posted on 02 Dec 2010 in Other Stuff | 0 comments

As I was doing some reading today, I came across a blog post on a blog that I regularly read. The author’s name is Steve Pavlina and he wrote a great post about focus. He shares some of his experiences with focusing on certain things at different times in his life, and the results that […]

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Does Having Money Increase Your Certainty?

Posted on 23 Jul 2010 in Other Stuff | 0 comments

I was reading and watching a blog post at Garrett J. White’s blog and I thought I would share his video with you. He asks the question, “Does Having Money Increase Your Certainty.” As I thought about this, I have decided that for me, it does for sure. Knowing that things are handled and that […]

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The Power of “You”

Posted on 13 Jan 2009 in Other Stuff | 0 comments

This is a great post about the power of giving a presentation focused on “You” instead of “Me.” Check it out. Read the Post Here

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