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How to Start a YouTube Video at a Specific Time

Posted on 22 Aug 2011 in How-To's | 4 comments

Here is a cool little trick. If you have ever watched a video on YouTube and wanted to share a specific part of the video, you probably had to send the link to the video in an email and tell everyone to skip ahead to the specific time. Did you know that you can actually […]

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How To Remove “Related Videos” from Embeded Youtube Videos

Posted on 19 Jan 2011 in How-To's | 9 comments

Ok, so… This week, I have had the same thing come up with several of the students in the Paid to Play Academy. People keep saying something like, “When I embed a YouTube video on my blog, it plays fine, but when the video ends, there are links to several other peoples’ videos there. Is […]

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How-To Make a YouTube Playlist

Posted on 16 Aug 2010 in How-To's | 1 comment

Playlists on YouTube can help you organize content you want to watch and more importantly, you can use them to organize your own videos on YouTube to make them easier to access.

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